Vehicle Data Mining for the Car-Repair Service Industry

What is MineCar™?

MineCar™ is a unique product designed to support the next generation of customer relationship management systems powered by telematic technology for the car-repair service industry. MineCar™ gets the real-time vehicle performance analytics from the Agnik Onboard system in the vehicle and combines those with various non-telematic data such as historical information about the car, driver information about car owner's interests, repair information, and current market data about the car. By analyzing all of the data, MineCar™ offers a unique perspective to the repair service provider. MineCar™ allows the service provider to launch and manage large scale campaigns for attracting customers to their service centers and generate more repair orders.

How Does it Work?

MineCar™ is web-based system. MineCar™ works in combination with Agnik's consumer and insurance market products such as Vyncs™ and MineDrive™ respectively. The Agnik Onboard software usually runs in a small device that plugs into the OBD port. Once you plug the device into a car, the car owner would get access to the Vyncs™ portal and enjoy the wide range of features that Vyncs™ offers. We can activate the same device to drive the MineCar™ web-portal designed for the car-repair service providers.

Main Features

Knowledge Gathering 
1) Based on various telematics and non-telematics data
Example: detailed vehicle model data, specific vehicle’s history data, web click-stream data
2) Detailed diagnostics, prognostics, and interactive diagnosis

Attracting the Customer 
1) Sophisticated computational advertising algorithms-based system to match advertisements with customers; driven by predictive modeling and data mining algorithms that analyze customer behavior information based on the telematics and context data
2) Scalable management of large campaigns

Serving the Customer 
1) Connect with existing repair order system and customer front end
2) Updating the business intelligence data after servicing and predictive models

Powerful Set of Capabilities 
1) Dashboard view summarizing all customers
2) Dashboard view summarizing vehicles with specific problems
3) Maintenance alert customization
4) Scheduling periodic alerts
5) Web click-stream analytics characterizing user behavior.

Examples: MineCar tells you...
a) the customers that are likely to purchase another vehicle.
b) the customers that are likely to come back to you for servicing.

6) Reports showing customer information and the corresponding issues for acting fast on customers that need immediate attention.