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What is MineDrive™ ?

MineDrive™ is designed to support the telematic applications for the insurance industry. The main cornerstones of the underlying technology are given below:
1) Onboard analysis of the GPS, Accelerometer, and vehicle diagnostics data for supporting actuarial statistics 2) Privacy-preserving data mining technology
3) Rich variety of onboard hardware choices

How Does it Work?

MineDrive™ system offers you a comprehensive set of analytics for driving your usage-based insurance applications. You can quickly integrate MineDrive™ within your application or use it stand-alone. It is also available on many different types of third-party onboard hardware.

MineDrive™: Consumer/Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Sample Summary Statistics Data:
a) Trip Summary
b) Hard Brakes
c) Distance Traveled
d) Acceleration Events
e) Speeding Events
f) Fuel Tank Low Events
g) Late Night Driving Time
h) Maximum Speed During The Trip
i) Idling Time During The Trip
j) Quality of Data Score
k) Driving Time During Rush Hours
l) RPM Events

Onboard Analysis of GPS, Accelerometer, and OBD Data to Support Actuarial Statistics?

MineDrive™ analyzes the GPS, Accelerometer, and OBD data onboard the vehicle using Agnik's patent-protected data stream mining algorithms and its wealth of analytics to support actuarial calculations. The results of the onboard analysis are sent out to the remote server over the wireless network. MineDrive™ also minimizes the amount of wireless data communication, which means lower cost for the wireless data plan. It information can be used for scoring the driver and vehicle performance. MineDrive™ is powered by wide range of analytics for driver and vehicle behavior monitoring based on vehicle diagnostic, acceleration, driving and location-related data.

Privacy-Preserving Data Mining Technology

Privacy is a major concern for telematic applications in the consumer market. MineDrive™ makes use of Agnik's patent-protected privacy-preserving data mining technology (developed for the United States Department of Homeland Security) that combines cryptogrpahy with data analysis, allowing analysis of the "encrypted data" without revealing the raw driving data to the insurance company. MineDrive™ permits the enforcement of well-designed policy-based access to the data and the scoring of the driver behavior, without violating the privacy policies. MineDrive™ also follows the regulatory guidance wherever applicable.

Wide Range of Onboard Hardware Choices

Plug-n-Play & easy-to-install vehicle-onboard hardware that is designed for the consumer market.
MineDrive™ supports various such hardware including the following:
a) Stand-alone OBD dongles that have built-in wide-area wireless modems.
b) Bluetooth OBD dongle that works with your Bluetooth-enabled cell-phone. If your phone has a data plan then you don't need any additional data plan.

Long Term Analysis of Driver/Vehicle Behavior for Capturing Total Driving Experience
a) Scoring the driving behavior
b) Detecting patterns across multiple drivers
c) Linking claims data and detecting patterns
d) Vehicle health scoring
e) Link analysis and clustering for segmenting drivers

Short Term Onboard Analysis of Driver Behavior
a) Speeding policy violations detection
b) Risky sharp turns detection
c) Identifying high-speed risky driving habits
d) Vehicle drivability monitoring

Advanced Risk Analysis from Heterogeneous Data
a) Social analytics for creating collective incentive-based loyalty programs
b) Correlation with loss data, multivariate modeling and trend analysis
c) Multimedia data analysis
d) Text analysis
e) Clustering, rule learning, and outlier detection
f) Advanced data visualization modules