What is BITS™ ?

Have you been collecting lots of telematics data from vehicles? If you are bringing in a lot of vehicle/driver location and performance data, but are wondering what else you can do with the data, then let Agnik help. Agnik’s BITS™ system is designed to help you extract performance patterns from data, build predictive models from various types of telematics data, and correlate those with the business process using state of the art link analysis techniques. Use BITS™ and offer a wide range of new ROI.

How Does it Work?

Using BITS™ is as easy as 1-2-3. Here is the simple three step process that you can use to empower your application with the BITS™ analytics:
1. Open Analytics API: BITS™ web-service API functions to compute the analytics from your data using a cloud-based open-analytic platform.
2. BITS™ GUI: Use the BITS™ web-based graphical user interface to visualize the analytics or generate business intelligence reports.
3. Third-Party GUI: Instead, you can also embed the BITS™ analytics within your own system to develop custom BITS™-powered business intelligence applications.

What Does BITS™ Provide?

Agnik-BITS™ allows performing wide range of analytics on location and vehicle performance data in conjunction with vehicle context data such as financial information and historical records, among others. Examples include:
1. Trend analysis of performance data from vehicle sub-systems over time
2. Multi-variate modeling of diagnostic data
3. Detecting frequent patterns of failures
4. Comparative analysis of vehicles
5. Benchmarking
6. Predictive failures
7. Varieties of geo-spatial patterns from location data.
You are good to go.