Agnik is pleased to announce that it has been chosen for the 2010 Frost & Sullivan North American Enabling Technology of the Year Award in Commercial Vehicle Telematics. This is a highly prestigious unbiased award for the industry. The award recognizes that "Agnik, LLC is emerging as a leader in commercial vehicle telematics focused data analytics". A detailed report with a comparative analysis of Agnik's patented technology is available upon request.

 The report recognizes that "the current generation of telematics offers too much data but too little information." The industry needs advanced data analysis and modeling technology. The report notes that "There is a clear and present need for advanced decision support systems to take the telematics services and applications to a level from which a larger segment of local, regional, and long-haul fleets can be attracted as subscribers." It points out that "the potential for market acceptance of such a technology is deemed very high by Frost & Sullivan" and "Agnik’s MineFleet product offers a key solution towards accelerating the development and introduction of advanced prognostics, emission monitoring, and more importantly vehicle and driver performance monitoring focused telematics applications."

The report notes that "Agnik’s MineFleet is an advanced, robust, and scalable decision support system that can greatly catalyze and support the development of advanced driver and vehicle performance monitoring and analysis products and services". The extensive analysis  concluded that "compared to the data mining and analytics support systems offered by its competitors, Agnik’s MineFleet rank’s higher in terms of offering a dynamic and robust predictive vehicle data mining and driver performance monitoring foundation that can be scaled and customized for application in disparate application areas." The report also observes that "Agnik’s MineFleet, when compared to its competitor offerings, features most enabling power and potential for supporting the widest range of vehicle and driver performance monitoring and analysis based applications. The future of advanced telematics applications indicates that vehicle prognostics, driver behavior monitoring, and vehicle performance, emission and fuel efficiency monitoring will emerge as some key applications in the short-medium term. However, these applications will pose major data analysis and transmission burdens on the current telematics infrastructure and also necessitate advanced analysis to reduce the volume of data presented to fleet manages. MineFleet is not only emerging as a solution offering the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to these burdens but also opening up areas of further innovation in vehicle and driver performance monitoring." 

The report notes that "a key value proposition that differentiates MineFleet from the solutions offered by its competitors is its ability to analyze data onboard the vehicle and build predictive models that facilitate operating cost reduction strategy planning. These attributes of Agnik’s MineFleet system can greatly enhance the value proposition of the existing range of telematics products and service offerings. They also create the necessary support structures for accelerating the development of the next generation of advanced applications." It concluded that the MineFleet technology "can help in creating advanced telematics products that deliver time and mission critical actionable information to fleet managers."

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